8 simple rules for dating wife

04-Mar-2017 15:44

So I was absolutely delighted to find out that he was coming out with a full length book.

The book is kind of a funny how to manual and running commentary on the care and feeding of two teenage daughters and a pre-teen boy.

If this is the happiest day of your life, why is everybody crying?

Fathers are bewildered when their daughters get engaged. reveals what is going on inside the mind of the poor, beleaguered father of the bride.

My parents were even in the car for some of it, and it had them chuckling in the back seat from all the memories of my teenage years no doubt. My husband and I checked the audiobook out from the library when we went on a road trip.

The reason is simple: he expresses something very true in a very funny way, examining just what happens when Daddy's little girl becomes a teenager.

How is it right, after taking care of her and keeping her safe from strangers, he’s now supposed to walk her down the aisle and hand her over to one? It’s a hilarious look at wedding plans—the perfect gift book for the father of a daughter of any age!

A nationally syndicated columnist with the Rocky Mountain News, Cameron gained national attention with the publication of 8 SIMPLE RULES in hardcover, becoming a regular contributor to Time's "Your Family" column and a featured story on CNN, CBS's The Early Show, and in People magazine.

Beginning with the warning signs (#5: Your car insurance suddenly costs more than the car), the book covers dating (Rule #2: Keep your hands and eyes off my daughter's body or I will remove them), the telephone (seemingly wired to her nervous system), braces (the costliest metal on earth), the first job, and more.

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"Cameron's take on the angst felt by every father of a teenage daughter is witty, wise, and excruciatingly on the money" (Charles Shyer, writer and director, Father of the Bride I and II).

In fact, his career could be described as another blogger made good.

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