18 30 year old dating

25-Apr-2017 09:30

As a friend, you can be there to offer support when things fall apart, but beyond that it's up to them. She had a great guy in front of her and she wants to throw that away.

my boy and her were talking for about 6 months, on the 2nd month she told him he loved her and he didnt respond back because he was scared because he's been hurt before.

I don't think such an age gap is usually compatible , but without knowing you or him I can't exactly comment.

My general feeling (at 19 I dated a 30 year old and at 20 a 28 year old) is that issues will arise after a few months or weeks that will limit the relationship. Though I have one friend who has been in a relationship with a man for two years (since she was 20) and he is in his mid thirties!

But, if she's that unstable she might not be the best choice for your friend ...

especially if he's been hurt and not yet overcome it completely.

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They're both legal adults, so who they date is their own business.if it was a situation where my 18 year old daughter had to choose between a respectful, responsible, and well meaning 30 year old, versus a guy her own age who had no job, no responsibility, and was just out to get into her pants, that 30 year old would sure have my stamp of approval!I'm not saying that it's the case here (and I'm not dissing btown's friend, he sounds like an upstanding guy), but numbers don't always tell the full story. because now you've changed the scenario so that she's not a legal adult.Half the oldest person's age, 7 is the youngest they can date without the age difference being creepy.

Obviously people under 14 can't use this formula, but it if the issue comes up, the age difference is probably too big.

At 18 she's got rights that she doesn't have at 15, so how can you even compare the two?

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